Downtown Districts

The Downtown has nine distinct districts within its boundaries. View their locations with the Downtown map.

The Master Plan submitted an outline of the Downtown Districts and the Downtown Development Committee has since expanded upon and defined the Districts. Below you will find descriptions of each.

Business District; Entertainment District; Central Square; Canal Walk; West End; Prairie Preserve; Star Business Park; St. Dennis District; Runyon District.

Business District


The Business District is most recognized district to residents and visitors. It has defined Lockport since its founding and upwards of 20,000 vehicles pass through it every day on Route 7 and 171. Many of its buildings date to the late 1800’s when the downtown was rebuilt after a fire.  

Currently, retail, service, and some residential element make up the occupants of the Business District.

Entertainment District

Entertainment District

The Entertainment District overlays the City’s Business District as restaurants, a bowling alley, museums, the public library, a wine studio, and a number of bars share space with the retail and office businesses. The Canal Walking and Bike Path also attract residents and visitors as does the newly established Lincoln Landing.



Central Square


Central Square is defined as such because of its core location and by the fact that it contains the City’s primary civic buildings; City Hall at 222 East 9th Street and the Community Development Center at 935 South State Street. Central Square plays host to a variety of festivals throughout the year and the popular summer car show.


Canal Walk District


The Downtown Master Plan identifies this area as Development District 4. Currently the Canal Walk District has a number of light manufacturing businesses located within its boundaries. The I&M Canal forms the boundary of its east side. The Master Plan calls for a rezoning of this district to allow residential townhomes to take advantage of the shady Canal Walking and Bike Path and its close proximity to the Metra Station.


West End


The Downtown Master Plan identifies this area as Development District 6. Located west of the I&M Canal extending from 5th Street to Division Street, this area is comprised of small residential homes and a mix of industrial uses.

Overall, the west side district is underutilized and therefore redevelopment in the West Side is critical to the economic stability of downtown Lockport.  New housing development in the West Side should prioritize three things: connecting these new residential units to downtown Lockport and the Metra station through continuous sidewalks; capitalize upon views of the I & M Canal and Des Plaines River Valley; and connecting these developments to trails and other recreational amenities in the area.

At one time the City’s West End was the entry point into Lockport from the west. When the Route 7 bridge was built in the 1970’s the road literally went over top the entire West End of the City. The result is a quiet residential area that is undisturbed by traffic. A much used ball field and park sit at the north end of this district.

Prairie Reserve

testBordered by the Shipping Canal to the west, the BSNF Tracks to the east, E 9th Bridge to the north and Division Street to the south.   Although located outside the Downtown Proper, this district and its trails provide a key opportunity to develop this area as a visitor attraction.  The land is beautiful, is the home to many deer, herons, and geese, and provides an opportunity for the multi-purpose loop trail to run throughout the District.  This future loop trail will provide summertime walking/hiking/biking opportunities and in the wintertime cross-country skiing. 

The Downtown Master Plan identifies this area as Development District 7.  The area is maintained by the Will County Forest Preserve.

Star Business Park

testThe Downtown Master Plan identifies this area as Development District 5.  Annexed into the City in 2008 the Texaco District was the home of the former Texaco Refinery dating back to 1911. The property is zoned M-2 industrial. Currently, Shell Pipeline Company occupies about 122 acres of the district as a crude oil break out facility. The Texaco District is the future home of the 170 acre Star Business Park thus affording Lockport a renewed and attractive location for an industrial business park.

St. Dennis District

testArguably, the most defining structure in all of Lockport is the St. Dennis Catholic Church. It can be seen for miles, even at night when its dramatic lighting emphasizes it soaring presence. All around the cathedral is the old residential area of Lockport. Many historic homes built by key players in the City’s history can be found here.



Runyon District

Runton District

The Runyon District, named after Lockport’s earliest settler of European descent, is the residential area north of 159th Street. Like the St. Dennis District, it has historical homes, shady trees, and a number of public and parochial schools.